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Finally content that adapts, even morphs itself to users’ context – in the blink of an eye.
Welcome to a world where technology can analyze users’ browsing history, profile and context to provide instantaneous ad and content delivery. A world enabling users to enjoy their apps in ways they never thought possible. Velocee finally helps publishers unlock their content and revenue potential as well as the potential of millions of daily interactions with mobile users.


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How we do it

What's in it for Publishers?


Our clients

“We’ve seen up to 10% improvement
with ad load time reduced by 2 seconds” (YNET)


Our team

The velocee management team includes some of the top telecommunication experts
in the industry, bringing years of experience, drive and wisdom to a young company.


David is a seasoned engineer and founder of Velocee. His previous experience includes managing and executing projects in space of smartphone software and wireless communication.


Zvika brings more than 25 years of executive level roles in leading wireless related Israeli high tech companies. He served as CEO of WiNetworks and prior to that held executive level roles at Alvarion, BreezeCOM.


Shimon is a serial entrepreneur in the wireless communication arena. He started Adaptive Telecom, formed Kiwi Networks and in 2006 formed WeFi to leverage WiFi to solve cellular networks overload.


Danny is an experienced software technology leader. His prior positions include CTO of Limores; Director, Product Marketing at Veraz Networks and Co Founder, CTO and V.P R&D of COMGATES.


Instant content

The challenge

In today’s mobile world, data-taxed networks aren’t keeping up with impatient users’ demands, and end up creating slow, frustrating experiences. And it’s hurting your bottom line. A page load delay of even one-half of a second can cause users to abandon an application. With an average page load time of 4.5 seconds, publishers are losing valuable users — and valuable revenues.

The solution

Velocee’s smart SDK reduces mobile app’s content load times to fractions of a second. Our algorithm factors each individual user’s browsing history, network performance, device type, geolocation, and more to deliver customized pre-cached content. Our SDK allows any media — HD, GIFs, interactive ads — to play instantly.

The benefit

With your app’s page load times reduced to fractions of a second, you re-capture lost views, and lost revenue — and you improve the user engagement metrics you’ll sell against in the future. Publishers using the Velocee SDK lower page load times by an average of 3.5 seconds, and increase revenues by 7% for every second saved.



Adaptive content

The challenge

Publishers experience black out windows every day, when users simply cannot read stories or watch videos. These “engagement gaps” – when users are driving, walking on the street or exercising — are missed opportunities.

The solution

Velocee’s pioneering Audio+ technology, fueled by our algorithm, analyzes each user’s browsing history and usage context (device, network, location and more) to deliver personalized audio content during these “engagement gaps”. We produce a radio-like experience of your content — your voice, your reporting, your brand. Further, Audio+ offers smart “screenless” playback controlled by a car’s steering wheel switches or by voice command, and is instantly triggered by Bluetooth connections or by plugging in headphones.

The benefit

Your content is morphed to your users’ needs, any time, anywhere. You open up a brand-new revenue stream via a brand-new medium. It’s a second chance to monetize content you’ve already spent time and money on. We help you connect with your audience in environments and at times you never have before.



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